About Us

Fine land, abundant natural resources, scenic beauty, Prince Gallitzin State Park, reasonably priced housing, and a wholesome quality of life combine to make Glendale School District a uniquely attractive and vibrant place to live and learn. Progressive and conservative, comprehensive and individualistic, technological and basic - all describe the Glendale School District. The district has received state recognition for its outstanding technology, which includes a Smartboard, LCD projector, and document imagers in every classroom, eight wireless computer labs, six conventional labs, nearly 400 iPADs, and over 1000 PCs on site. Glendale stresses a foundation in basic learning and thinking skills, an acknowledgment of individual differences, sound management practices, and consistent discipline. The district encourages students to develop to their potential by providing a wide array of course selections and extra-curricular activities. 

The district serves approximately 800 students in a single campus located in Flinton, Pennsylvania where the elementary building (k-6) and a secondary building (7-12) are connected.

Glendale Junior-Senior High School has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a “Best High School” with a “Bronze” medal ranking.  In addition, the district has moved up 128 positions in overall school rankings over the past three years as cited by the Western Pennsylvania School Guide  that is published by the Pittsburgh Business Times.  In the Overachiever rankings, the district also exceeds expectations when adding in the performance of students receiving free and reduced lunch by moving up 242 positions in the Western Pennsylvania School Guide and ranking 77 out of 500 Pennsylvania school districts for academic achievement.

Major building renovation projects have provided the district with modern, well-equipped facilities to meet current enrollment projections and program requirements, helping the district achieve its mission of "providing a challenging and innovative curriculum that fulfills students' needs, interests and abilities, based on their thinking and learning styles”.