Administration and Office Staff

Name Title/Position Email Teacher Page
Bakaysa, Ginger Supervisor of Special Education Page
Bickford, Susan Curriculum Director Page
Braniff, Christy Elementary Secretary
Chilcote, Charlie Maintenance Supervisor Page
DiSabato, Ed Elementary Principal Page
Fedor, Nancy District Office Secretary
Frank, Eric Director of Technology Page
Gates, Karen Elementary Secretary
Koteas, Cindy High School Secretary
Matish, Brenda District Office Secretary
McGarvey, Patty Superintendent's Secretary
Miller, Mary High School Secretary
Nadonley, Arnold Superintendent Page
O'Shell, Diane Special Education Secretary
Stackhouse, Rick Assistant High School Principal Page
Walstrom, Gary High School Principal Page
Westover, Jeff Business Director


Faculty and Staff

Name Title/Position Email Teacher Page
Arnold, James English Page
Bottenfield, Kelly Librarian Page
Brooks, Sheri Elementary Guidance Counselor Page
Chilcote, Jodi Kindergarten Page
Croll, Alyse Family & Consumer Science Page
Cunningham, Dawn English Page
Custer, Jeffrey Technology Education Page
Damiano, William Social Studies Page
Davis, Michael Grade 5 Page
Decker, Bonnie Reading Page
Dudurich, Shannon Kindergarten Page
Fedore, Joann Speech Page
Fortney, Karen Grade 2 Page
Frydrych, Andrea Elementary Special Education Page
Gallaher, Lyncola Grade 1 Page
Gates, Allyson Title 1 Math Page
Haney, Matthew Social Studies Page
Harrison, Patty Reading Title I Page
Harrison, Rebekah Special Education Page
Henry, Marissa Kindergarten Page
Hewitt, Brenda Kindergarten Page
Jasper, Jennifer Mathematics Page
Kallas, Lindsay Business Education Page
Kasaback, Stephanie Reading Title I Page
Kelly, Melissa Social Studies Page
Kimberly, Patty Reading Title I Page
King, Shannon Grade 1 Page
Klezek, Sarah Special Education Page
Kozak, Kimberly High School Guidance Counselor Page
Kozak, Richard High School Special Education Page
Kutz, John High School Phys. Ed. Page
Lechner, Chelsea Special Ed Page
Lechner, Jennifer Grade 5 Page
Link, Becky Grade 4 Page
Lobb, Matthew Business Education Page
Lynch, Ronald Grade 6 Page
Magulick, Richard High School Special Education Page
Maneval, Ethan Math/Science Page
Master, Margrett Grade 2 Page
Matchock, John Athletic Director/Driver Education Page
Mattiuz, Rheannon English Page
Mazenko, Gregg High School Special Education Page
Mazenko, Marci Elementary Special Education Page
McCombie, Allyn Nurse Page
McGarvey, Sara Phys. Ed. Page
McQuown, Renee Gifted/ESL Page
Miles, Jill Grade 5 Page
Moore, Anthony High School Tech Ed Page
Neyman, Deborah GAP/Testing/PIMS Coordinator Page
Oravec, Diane French/Spanish Page
Pastva, Ryan Mathematics Page
Pino, Nathan High School Special Education Page
Poole, Melissa Art Page
Putorek, Jennifer Math/Science Page
Putorek, Larry Chorus/Music Page
Rice, Georgia Science Page
Rizzo, Erica Math Page
Rorabaugh, Tisha Grade 2 Page
Runk, Jacqueline School Psychologist Page
Schultz, Benjamin Chemistry Page
Sherkel, Beth Elementary Special Education Page
Sloppy, Amanda Grade 4 Page
Snyder, Amy High School Phys. Ed. Page
Stacey, Brian Music/Band Page
Walstrom, Gary Grade 6 Page
Westrick, Bonnie Grade 1 Page
Whittaker, Amy Grade 3 Page
Wiedemann, Theresa Grade 4 Page
Williams, Jenny Grade 6 Page
Woods, Karen High School Special Education Page
Worthington, Gena Grade 3 Page
Yeckley, Jenna Grade 3 Page
Yeckley, Mark Science Page
Yingling, Steven Social Studies Page