Food Services & Health/Wellness Program

Currently, the district is under the direction of The Nutrition Group, Inc. The company has re-vamped the café environment with new food ideas and a healthy twist! Also, we are going to a new system with Food Service Solutions that will run our point of sale machines and café financial systems. Your child's lunch money account is now available through My School Account. Here, parents can check their child's account balance and even add funds right from home!

Glendale Health & Wellness Policy

We created the Glendale District Health and Wellness Advisory Board to inform parents, students, teachers, and the community about the Glendale School District's Wellness Advisory Board and Wellness Policy. Learn more about us below.

  • We are a team of school educators and administrators, parents, community members, and student leaders working in partnership to improve the health and well-being of students.
  • Our advisory group makes recommendations on school health policies, programs, and practices so they reflect community concerns and values. We monitor a school's culture and environment to ensure that themes of health and wellness are consistently reinforced, and that the community is partnering in these efforts.
  • We might, for example, examine the beverages sold in school or before- and-after school programming and how the local community is integrated in those programs.

Meal Prices

Breakfast K-12 
Full price: $1.35
Reduced: $0.30

Elementary Lunch
Full price: $2.10
Reduced: $0.40

Jr/Sr High Lunch
Full price: $2.20
Reduced: $0.40
Adult: $3.45