America’s Pride


Glendale Jr.-Sr. High School

“Take Pride in America”


            The Take Pride in America program is a national program authorized by Congress to promote the appreciation and stewardship of public lands, including parks, forests, historic sites, and schools.  Take Pride in America is active in all fifty states with public, private, and nonprofit organizations.

            The Take Pride Schools program was launched in the fall of 2005 to introduce a new generation to volunteerism and create future stewards of our public lands.  To be designated as a Take Pride School, a school must commit to participating in two Take Pride volunteer events each school year benefiting public lands.  Participation must be on public land, including school grounds, promote the Take Pride in America message, and benefit public use of public land.

            At the beginning of 2009, Glendale Jr. Sr. High became the first school in Pennsylvania to join this national program.  Mr. William Domiano and Mr. Jeff Custer are the co-advisors and organizers of this chapter.

            Throughout the 20011-2012 school year, the Glendale Jr.-Sr. High School has participated in various student volunteer programs through the Take Pride in America program.  On several occasions, students have cleaned the litter off of the six mile stretch of Beaver Valley Road. This cleanup extended from the school parking lot to a mile past the water tower at Prince Gallitzin State Park. 

            For the 20011-2012 school year, the Take Pride in America club was only available to the juniors and seniors.  We had 34 members. It helped the seniors acquire their community service hours for graduation.  We held several dates that students worked on things for the District or Community.  On October 22nd, 20011 from 1-3 students worked with the Coalport Library taking part in “First Book” which was a free book distribution for children in the area.  The second activity was scheduled for Oct. 30, 2011 and students were to rake leaves for the Coalport Community Building.  This was rescheduled sue to snow.  On Nov.12th, 2011 students participated by working “Novemberfest”, which was a craft and fun day for kids in the community.

            That starts the year for “Take Pride in America”.  Many other events will happen throughout the 2011-2012 school year.  We plan on helping with the elementary wrestling tournament and also with the elementary basketball tournament along with other events before the end of the school year.   We plan on having a mailing to the parents of next year’s seniors to make the families aware of what the program is and how it can benefit their child as a senior.  Hopefully we have more seniors involved in the program and a willingness to do great things for the school and the community.

President: Lynda Kruise
Vice President: Steve Niebauer
Secretary: Kelli McGarvey
Treasurer: Timmy Sutton

Dennis Foster
Marissa Grega
Patrick Hamilton
Tara Jasper
Paul Kearnely
David Knorr
Fern Krug
Rebecca Kruise
Ally Lidwell
Amanda McCoy
Jessica Ponist
Billy Sander
Cassie Spangle
Marian Stahlman
Chelsea Trent
Kyle Wright

Baliegh Cannistraci
Jessica Haduck
Taylor Jersey
Katelyn Mathews
Elisha Matier
Logan McMillen
Cassidy Noel
Paige Potter
Ashley Reed
Kristin Shaffer
Faith Simmers
Kyresten Whetstone