Glendale School District receives $652,176 Keystones to Opportunity-Striving Reader’s Grant





Glendale School District

Press Release-Office of the Superintendent

To:      All local Media.

From:  Arnie Nadonley, Superintendent

Date:   April 18, 2012

Re:Glendale School District receives $652,176 Keystones to Opportunity-Striving Reader’s Grant



Glendale School District receives $652,176 Keystones to Opportunity-Striving Reader’s Grant


     The Glendale School District has been notified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs, that the district is the recipient of a $652,176 Keystones to Opportunity-Striving Readers Grant.  Glendale was one of the 56 Pennsylvania public school districts to receive a share of $36,670,720 in competitive grant funds designed to improve reading instruction for children from birth to grade 12.

   Keystones to Opportunityis Pennsylvania’s vision for sustainable growth in reading achievement. The grant opportunity came to Pennsylvania from the United States Department of Education.  Pennsylvania has the opportunity to receive a total of $193 million over a five year period.  Glendale was awarded $652,176 this first year of the grant with a chance to be awarded additional funds during the next four additional years.


   The project is designed around three Keystones. The first is to improve literacy learning outcomes and dramatically increase reading achievement among students in danger of academic failure, birth through grade 12 in Pennsylvania. The second is to create a culture of data-driven decision-making and use this to guide instruction. The third is to infuse digital technology, providing teachers with examples of how technology tools can provide multiple pathways to express and represent information as well as creative options for developing literacy persistence, stamina, and motivation.

   One of the most important goals of the grant funding is to create 21st century literacy environments where children can acquire the reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills they need to succeed academically.  Also, the grant seeks to encourage the innovation and implementation of research-based reading strategies that will produce exceptional reading growth in our students. Grant dollars will provide much needed materials, equipment, personnel, and technology to deliver a variety of rich reading resources to our children.

   Glendale School District will be able to partner with our local early childhood education providers such as the Learning Lamp, Head Start, Early Head Start, and the Coalport Community Nursery School to develop a comprehensive and coherent literacy plan that spans birth through grade 12.  This plan will enable the changes produced by the initial grant funding to be sustained locally, empowering our students to realize success beyond their school age years, ultimately benefitting our community economically for many years to come. 


    For further information contact: Arnold Nadonley, Superintendent at 814-687-3402 or at


Published: April 19, 2012 at 4:06 PM
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