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Welcome to the home of the Viking Virtual Academy!
Mr. Brian Stacey, Secondary Virtual Academy Coordinator
Mrs. Kate Bacher, Elementary Virtual Academy Coordinator
What is the Viking Virtual Academy (VVA)?
The VVA is a Glendale School District sponsored cyber program.  It is through CIOLA (Central Intermediate Online Learning Association). Students from school districts in PA can belong to this program and it is taught by teachers hired through CIOLA.
Who is eligible to enroll?
All Glendale School District students K-12 are eligible to enroll in our program.
Who do I contact?
You can enroll by contacting Mr. Stacey or Mrs. Braniff for secondary via email or at 814-687-4261 and Mrs. Bacher, Ms. Brooks or Mrs. Gates via email or at 814-687-4263.
How is the VVA Learning structured?
Our VVA classes operate through a multiple on-line platforms. Students can take classes at home or at school using the on-line platforms. We can work with individual students and families to create a schedule that meets their needs. Some students come on-site for certain classes and work from home for the rest of the day while other students participate in VVA completely from home.
What do I need to transfer to the VVA?
The first thing you will need is internet in your home. The district will provide a laptop or Chromebook to students that can be used for VVA classes. The laptop/Chromebook will need to be returned at the end of the school year at the High School or Elementary office.  The second step is to review the VVA handbook which is available here on our web site through links to an elementary and high school version, and then complete the online application.  Before the process is complete, a meeting (virtual, face to face, or phone) must take place with a parent and the school representative to discuss any concerns or questions. The deadline to apply for the VVA is typically one week before the new quarter/semester begins, but since the demand for this program is so high right now, the fall deadline is AUGUST 10, 2020.
Other considerations?
The VVA is all about meeting the individual needs of each student. You will stay in close contact with your teachers and principals. You start the VVA by meeting with your guidance counselor or a principal. We will provide you with an overview of the programs. If students choose to go full cyber, then they will meet regularly with VVA staff to monitor progress.  The biggest advantage for VVA students as opposed to other cyber schools is that they remain GLENDALE students and have the added ability to receive extra support from Glendale teachers if it is needed.  Each elementary student is assigned a Glendale homeroom teacher who remains their point of contact for any academic concerns and who will keep families informed of any extra events that a VVA student can attend such as school pictures, guest speakers, assemblies, field trips, etc.  Each high school students has the ability to get additional support from any subject teacher if needed.  This is above and beyond the VVA teacher they are assigned to. 
We believe the VVA program is a great option for students and families who are in need of a cyber program and are looking forward to working with you and your student to create an individualized learning plan that will help them successfully be prepared for the next grade level and eventually graduation.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

2020-2021 Consortium Members

Curwensville Area School District

Glendale Area School District

Harmony Area School District

State College Area School District

West Branch Area School District

Keystone Central School District



"I enjoy doing cyber school because I can do it on my own time and my own pace. I like how I can do it when I’m sick or when the other kids don’t have school. I definitely believe my grades have improved by doing cyber. My attitude has gotten a lot better towards school. I don’t have to worry about missing the bus, getting bullied, trying to fit in, or being late to class. I also feel really comfortable asking for help because I’m not in front of lots other kids, the teachers reply back with clear answers, and every time I get messages back they praise me for my work. This all makes me feel better about myself. I really enjoy doing cyber school!"                                

Adale Glass, 8th Grade
Harmony Area Online Learning Association (HAOLA)


"CIOLA's program has been incredible for our students. For our students who need or prefer an online learning option, CIOLA has allowed us to offer a quality option that does not require students to give up earning a West Branch diploma. Our student success rates with CAIOLA's program have been incredible. We went from having a success rate well under 50% to well over 80% in just one school year. Students enjoy the program and are motivated to learn. I would recommend CIOLA's program to any district looking for a way to meet the needs of online learners."

Jennifer Porter
School Counselor - Grades 8, 10, 12
West Branch Area High School