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Parents, community members, and taxpayers continuously bring questions to our attention. When we find a reoccurring question, we will add it to our FAQ page to ensure the answer to your question is easily available. We are always excited to hear from our community. Your involvement is vital to our success!

How will I be notified of an emergency school closing?


Weather conditions are unpredictable and will cause us to close school earlier than the scheduled times or cancel classes altogether from time to time. We will notify all families using the Global Connect automated calling system with important school closing and delay information. You may update your contact information by calling the school office.


In the event of an early school closure, please make arrangements for someone to provide temporary shelter without rerouting your child to a different bus. Most of our buses are at their capacity and cannot accommodate additional passengers. Your child must know about this arrangement in advance. Please be sure he/she knows where to go in case of an emergency school closing.


The following radio and television stations will announce any Glendale School District cancellations, delays, or early dismissals due to weather or other emergencies:


  • Radio:
    • Altoona WPRR – 100.1 ON FM Dial
    • Altoona WFGY – 98.1 FM
  • TV:
    • Johnstown WJAC Channel 6
    • Altoona WTAJ Channel 7

Why is my child’s report card being held?

This is usually due to student debt. We will send a letter home notifying parents of any student debt, explaining the nature of the debt, and stating the amount due. We will hold the student’s report card until the student or parent pays the debt.

Am I allowed to take my child on an educational trip during the school day?


Parents planning to take their children on an educational trip during the time that school is in session must request an excused absence for the students. Consideration of such a request is as follows:

  1. The district allows students the maximum of five days for no more than two such trips in any one school year.
  2. We will consider any absences beyond the maximum of five days permitted unexcused and unlawful for students under age seventeen. We will take appropriate legal action in these situations.
  3. The board and administration strongly advise parents not to plan educational trips within the first or last ten school days of the school term.
  4. We will not grant an educational trip beyond two school days for the same student if it follows an approved educational trip in the same or previous school term.
  5. You must present the school with and clearly explain the purpose, itinerary, and supportive educational aspects for justifying such an experience beyond the classroom.
  6. A parent or guardian must place the request at least five school days prior to the student's anticipated absence using the proper form, which is available in the front office.
  7. The school principal will review each request for compliance with the stated conditions before submitting it to the superintendent for consideration. The principal will take the following into consideration in granting permission for the trip:
    1. The student's academic standing
    2. The student's attendance record
    3. The effect the absence will have on the student's educational welfare
    4. Exceptionality of the request

If the principal grants approval before the trip, we will excuse the student's absence. If we do not receive prior approval, we will classify the absence as an unlawful and/or unexcused absence. Should the student's absence extend beyond the approved time, we will classify the additional absent days as unlawful and/or unexcused. We expect the student to complete all assigned schoolwork during the approved absence.

Remember, this is a privilege. Please do not abuse this opportunity.

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How do I apply for a job?

We continuously update our list of current job openings as positions become available. Please only apply for an available position. Due to the time commitment, we will no longer look through applications for filled positions.

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What is the Glendale Education Foundation? How do I become a board member?

Our foundation was incorporated on March 28, 2002, with the mission to develop an entity that can assist the Glendale School District with funds to reward students and teachers for educational achievement, academic excellence, and/or technological innovation. Our foundation would like to reward that effort in the form of grants, student scholarships, and/or student enhancement workshops. For more information, please visit the Glendale Education Foundation website.

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How do I communicate questions or concerns?

If your question pertains strictly to your child’s education, please contact the child’s teacher. For all other questions, concerns, or comments please utilize “The Parent and Community Communication Process Flow Chart Chain of Command,” located on the Contact Us page.

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