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Our Community

We are located in Flinton, Pennsylvania, an unincorporated community in Cambria County with approximately 143,728 residents.

Cambria County offers a wide range of activities for families to enjoy together. Check out some of them below:

Prince Gallitzin State Park

At Prince Gallitzin State Park, the forested hills of the Allegheny Plateau cradle sprawling Glendale Lake. Vistas offer scenic views of the 1,635-acre lake with its 26 miles of shoreline, which is a favorite of anglers and boaters. Campers flock to the large campground and also enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. The varied habitats of the park make it a home for many types of wildlife, and a rest stop in the spring and fall migrations.

Rock Run

Set in the rural parts of northern Cambria and southern Clearfield Counties, the trails of Rock Run provide spectacular views from atop the Allegheny Mountains. It is considered a first class recreation park, and you will feel the same after you visit.

Rock Run started out with 50 miles of trails for ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes. With the help of the Yamaha Trails Initiative Program, they were able to add an additional 20 miles of trails. Rock Run now provides over 140 miles of trails that you can enjoy on whatever type of machine you like.

The park has also worked with multiple volunteer groups from the OHV community and developed a trail system that provides enjoyment and challenges for the everyday driver to the most extreme OHV's.

Chest Creek Watershed

Chest Creek flows north and joins the West Branch Susquehanna River near Mahaffey, Pennsylvania. All of Chest Creek Watershed is contained within northern Cambria and southern Clearfield Counties. The monitoring station along Chest Creek is located in the headwaters near Patton, PA, in northern Cambria County.

Park Resources

To make the most of your next family activity, please utilize the resources below:

Community Resources