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Education is a vital part of your child’s life, so we understand you will have many questions. We have several administrators, teachers, and staff so it can often be difficult to determine who is best suited to handle your questions.

Your child’s teacher is able to answer most of your question regarding your child’s education questions; please utilize “The Parent and Community Communication Process Flow Chart Chain of Command." Each situation should first be addressed at whichever level the initial action was taken, with appeals moving on to the next level on the chain of command.

District Address
1466 Beaver Valley Road 

Flinton, PA 16640

District Telephone Numbers
Elementary Office:  814-687-4263
Jr.-Sr. High School Office:  814-687-4261

District Office: 814-687-3402

District Fax Numbers
Elementary Office:  814-687-4083
Jr.-Sr. High School Office:  814-687-4718

District Office: 814-687-3341

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