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For those in 6th and 12th grade that wish to purchase their chromebook, please direct your attention to the links on the right side of the screen.  You will see two options, to purchase with a check, and to purchase with a credit card.  Please follow the link and fill out the form that applies to you and submit.  Any questions, feel free to email Mr. Frank at [email protected] 

Glendale School District's technology has been rapidly growing over the past eight years. With the direction of our new superintendent, Sean Gildea, as well as Eric Frank, and In-Shore Technologies, the school has acquired new changes such as:

  • Novell to Microsoft Migration
  • Visualizers and Projectors in every classroom
  • A SmartBoard in every classroom
  • New teacher notebooks
  • New curriculum-based software
  • Wireless network upgrade
  • 1:1 Chromebook for every student
  • Groupwise to Exchange migration
  • New AutoCAD software
  • AS400 to Prosoft Migration
  • And many more!

The current network consists of 18 servers, all connected to a KVM for management. On the network side, each server runs to a Cisco switch that pushes a full 10 gigabit backbone to and from each device on the network. On the security side, we put a new Cisco ASA in place to help control incoming traffic, and a Smoothwall proxy blocks malicious websites and outgoing requests that are not permitted. The school district is also fitted with key fob-controlled entry on the door systems, and a range of 64 cameras that cover the school ground which records 24/7.


Technology Staff

Eric Frank
Director of Technology
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Chase Hill

Network Technician

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6th and 12th graders purchasing with credit card:  CLICK HERE
6th and 12th graders purchasing with a check:  CLICK HERE
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